Sandnes Garn 2405_06 Augustine Singlet & Skirt Junior, English

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The singlet is knitted from the bottom up in Line. The recipe contains 6a and 6b.

This pattern is a paper copy, including digital link. Each instruction is sold only when purchasing the pattern of the instruction thread. You can find more information about the models in the collection under the section 'collection instructions'.

A hole pattern is knitted according to the diagram, which forms a nice wavy edge at the bottom of the singlet. Furthermore, stockinette stitch is knitted with folds evenly spaced. The work is divided into the front and back pieces, which are finished knitting separately. Finally, i-cord edges are knitted around the armholes and neck.

  • NEULETIHEYS: 22 S = 10 CM

Langanmenekki on laskettu ohjeessa annettujen mittojen mukaan. Jos haluat kappaleesta pidemmän, muista, että saatat tarvita enemmän lankaa.

  2 vuotta 4 vuotta 6 vuotta 8 vuotta 10 vuotta 12 vuotta
Singlet: Line Bubblegum pink 4315: 2 3 3 4 4 5

The sizes in the table are only indicative and it is recommended to take the measurements of the person wearing the garment and compare them with the measurements in the table. The stated measurements are based on the knitting density given in the instructions.

  2 vuotta 4 vuotta 6 vuotta 8 vuotta 10 vuotta 12 vuotta
Overvidde: 55  60  60  65  71  76 
Vidde nederst: 82  90  90  98  106  115 
Hel lengde (eller ønsket lengde): 36  39  42  45  48  51