Sandnes Garn 2403_05 Hilton Cardigan / English

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Sandnes Garn 2403_05 Hilton Cardigan

The jacket is knitted from top to bottom with a striped pattern in Peer Gynt and Tynn Silk Mohair.

First, stitches are cast on for the back piece, which is knitted back and forth with double pointed needles. The back piece is knitted down to under the sleeves, before stitches are knitted up for the front pieces. The front pieces are knitted back and forth separately with double pointed needles and increases for a v-neck. It is worked down under the sleeves, before the work is collected on a circular needle. The front and back pieces are knitted back and forth to the full length and finished with a purl. Stitches are worked up for the sleeves, which are worked in the round with a stripe pattern to the full length, before they are finished with a purl. Finally, knit up stitches along both front pieces and the neck to the front edge. The entire cardigan is knitted with 1 thread of each quality.

Needles : 3,5 and5 mm circular, small 5 mm circular for sleeves
Tension: 16 S = 10 CM
Other: 4 BUTTONS