Sandnes Garn 2403_02 River Cardigan / English

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2403 NR. 2 River Cardigan 2a and 2b

The jacket is knitted from top to bottom in a braid pattern with 1 thread Tynn Peer Gynt and 1 thread Tynn Silk Mohair. Includes patterns 2a and 2b.

First, the back piece is knitted down to under the sleeves and put on an auxiliary thread. Furthermore, knit up stitches on each shoulder on the right and left front piece.
It is cast off and increased to neck, at the same time knitting double crochets with GSR for a slanted shoulder. The front pieces are knitted together with the back piece. The front and back pieces are knitted back and forth in a braid pattern before finishing with a purl. Knit up stitches around each armhole for sleeves. The sleeves are knitted in the round in a braid pattern before finishing with a purl. The front edge is finally knitted in double stockinette and at the same time knitted to the jacket.


Yarn alternative for Tynn Peer Gynt: Mini Alpakka, Alpakke Silke, Babyul Lanett, Mandarin Petit
Needles : NO 4 circular and DPN, 3 mm Circular
Tension: 22 S = 10 CM
Others: 3 BUTTONS

The thread flow is calculated according to the dimensions given in the instructions. If you want the piece to be longer, remember that you may need more yarn.