Sandnes Garn 2402_02 Facile Cardigan Ballerina Chunky Mohair / English

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Sandnes Garn 2402_02 Facile Cardigan Ballerina Chunky Mohair / English

The recipe contains 2a and 2b, with and without stripes.

Stitches are cast on for the back piece first. The back piece is knitted back and forth to under the sleeves. Then knit up stitches on each shoulder on the right and left front piece. Stitches are increased for a v-neck and each front piece is knitted to under the sleeves before they are knitted together with the back piece. The front and back pieces are knitted back and forth and finished with a purl. Knit up stitches around each armhole for sleeves. The sleeves are knitted in the round and it is folded in to form a narrower sleeve before finishing with a purl. Choose whether you want to knit with or without stripes on the sleeves.

Needles: 9 mm 
Tension: 10 S = 10 CM

The thread flow is calculated according to the dimensions given in the instructions. If you want the piece to be longer, remember that you may need more yarn.

BALLERINA CHUNKY MOHAIR Bubblegum pink 4315 6 7 7 8
Overvidde: 116  cm 124   cm 136  cm 144  cm
Hel lengde: 53  55   56  57 
Ermlengde : 47  47  47  47 

Pattern is sold only together with Sandnes Garn yarns. There is digital QR code to get access to digital pattern.