Molla Mills Crochet Crush

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Timeless fashion and modern practicality are the starting points for Molla Mills’ Crochet Crush, out December 3. The book’s 23 crochet patterns include both home decor and accessories, making everyday aesthetics accessible to everyone. The designs have been inspired by the colours of flowers, the moods of past summers, as well as Brooklyn's neighbourhoods.

Molla Mills is an internationally known Finnish designer who learned how to crochet from her mother as a little girl in Kurikka, Finland. She has studied fashion, marketing and art and has written several crochet books that have been published for instance in Brazil and in South Korea. Molla also designs pattern collections for different yarn brands and travels around the world teaching crochet workshops.

224 pages
23 crochet patterns
Language: English
Weight: Approx. 1.1 kg / 2.4 lb

Also available in Finnish as Langankiertoja.

Publication day: December 3. Preorder now at or through stockists worldwide.