2305 Sommer Dame, Sandnes Garn

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Tuotemerkki: Sandnes Garn

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Spring and summer are the time for light cotton and linen knitwear. In our summer collection, there are many possibilities!

Here we have both Dawn and Coral singlets, short and long dresses, the trendy Talia cardigan in pink, the Cherry sweater with stripes, the Molly tee with puff sleeves, and the April blouse with a delicate lace pattern. If you like to crochet, you can get your knits on the fantastic Cahla skirt and Bailey's bucket hat, both perfect for summer. There is a lot to choose from here. Knit one or more favorites, play with colors and qualities, knit with a melange effect or in one color, and make it your own.

Näet tarvittavan lankalaadun ja määrän klikkaamalla mallikuvaa täällä. Ohjelehti myydään vain Sandnesin lankojen oston yhteydessä.

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