2304 Vår/Sommer baby, Sandnes Garn in English

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Vihkon ohjeet ovat englanniksi ja ohjevihkonen myydään vain Sandnes Garnin lankojen ostojen yhteydessä. 

NOTHING IS CUTER THAN A BABY IN KNITTED GARMENTS! We established that a long time ago. In this collection you will find garments that are suitable for hot summer days, but also for slightly cooler days with tights and a body underneath.

These are lovely designs that can be used for everyday life, parties, and christenings. Sophie body and cardigan are knitted from neck down. It has a small eyelet pattern around the collar which is easy to knit and super cute for both girls and little boys. The Augustine dress and romper have a lovely lace pattern around the collar which is easier to knit than you think. How about a romper for the youngest and a matching dress for the older sister? Sunny romper, diaper pants and cardigan have a clean and nice design expression with i-cord edging as a finish around the neck, legs and sleeves. We have created a pattern for the romper both with and without sleeves. We know many people have been asking for a very simple stockinette stitch, so here it is. Easy to knit and goes with everything. Butterfly baby blanket has a cute hole pattern reminiscent of butterfly wings, nice to think about.

We hope you will be tempted to get started on knit for babies!

Happy knitting!


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