2302E DIY, Sandnes Garn (English)

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Tämä ohjevihko on englanniksi ja myydään vain langan oston yhteydessä. Löydät malleissa käytetyt langat ja niiden menekin TÄMÄN linkin takaa, klikkaamalla kyseisen mallin kuvaa. 

This booklet is in english.

Following our tradition, this collection contains good, basic garments for your wardrobe. The most special design this time is the Vienna blouse. It has a lovely construction with saddle shoulders, peplum, ribbon, and tie. Best of all, it can be used with the tie both at the front and at the back.


The Oxford Cardigan is named after England's oldest university. We imagine that this could be good to wear on venerable old and cold study halls. The Zoe Zipper Sweater Dress is also warm, cozy, and soft to crawl into during cold days. Just as nice as a dress, as with pants underneath. The Hadley sweater can quickly become a favorite, especially when it is knitted in the new tweed addition in Peer Gynt: Tutti Frutti. You’ll find patterns for the Brook cardigan both in Børstet Alpakka, Sunday, and Kos, together with an accompanying thread. Lacey scarf comes in three sizes. The smallest is great for tying around the hair, for instance. In the pictures in the catalog, you see the middle size. Abby sweater has a European shoulder and an oversized fit with a split in the side. Fits many different body types. River sweater has a slim fit, so knit a larger size if you want more range of motion. Loui sweater is the perfect basic patent sweater. Here you’ll also have the option of a mini-match, as the pattern is also available for kids aged 2-12 years in this spring’s 2303 “Soft Knit for Kids” collection. The beautiful River cardigan is now with a bright statement color and pearl buttons. If you choose a calmer color and toned-down buttons, it gets a completely different, classic expression. We highly recommend the collection and wish you happy knitting!

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