2012 Mykt till Barn in English und Deutsch

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Tuotemerkki: Sandnes Garn

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2012E/D MYKT TIL BARN (in English/Deutsch)

Myydään vain lankojen ostajalle. Lankoina Sunday, Merinoull, Duo, Börstet Alpakka, Tynn Merinoull,
This collection has patterns for children's clothes suitable for everyday life, kindergarten, school and parties. Play around with different color variations when knitting the super cool hoodie in KOS. We also have the classic Scandinavian sailor sweater, which is perfect for more formal occasions. For the girls we have made an adorable little set of a skirt and collar. Create a beautiful set with matching colors or knit a mix and match set with different colors like we did. You asked and we listened, this catalog includes the customer favorite Putty pattern knitted with a gauge of 28 stitches over 10 cm to match our SUNDAY yarn. Additionally, you can find patterns for a good basic sweater, the popcorn slipover, pearl sweater and many more.