Eat & KNIT, Marianne Isager & Jørgen Smidstrup

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  • Eat & KNIT, Marianne Isager & Jørgen Smidstrup
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Knitting patterns: Marianne Isager
Food Recipes: Camillo’s  Kitchen
The recipes and patterns for EAT & KNIT are based on a fruit or vegetable.
The book was created in Tversted with the local area as inspiration.
It has 6 great sweaters, a scarf and a few cloths, as well as recipes for lovely food.
Eat & Knit was created at the former Elementary , Tversted Skole. Here Isager has developed an active, and modern cultural centre. In summer Camillo´s Kitchen pops up and hosts salon evenings, communal dinners and more. 
Tversted is known for knitwear and yarn , for summer food, for jazz, a lovely, white long-streched beach, a unique nature, for artisans, foe antique and second hand shops, for creative village and fringe activities. And human warmth, awareness and care.
It was in this spirit Eat & Knit was created. Enjoy!
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