Color Play the Westknits Way! by Stephen West. Saturday 18.07. at 2pm-5pm / Snurre Helsinki

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Huippusuosittu neulesuunnittelija ja hurmaava persoona Stephen West saapuu Helsinkiin Snurreen pitämään kaksi kolmen tunnin kurssia 18.07. Opetuskieli on englanti. Voit ilmoittautua kussille siirtämällä kurssin ostoskoriin ja maksamalle sen. Ilmoittautuminen on sitova, kurssimaksua ei palauteta. Tervetuloa!

Color Play the Westknits Way! Saturday 18.07. klo 14-17

3 hours

Class Maximum: 20 participants


This class is all about showing off beautiful yarns with simple techniques combined in clever ways. Techniques like stripes, short rows, and holding yarns together will be explored and combined to create bold architectural fabrics. Stephen will show off a colorful array of Westknits designs while encouraging you to look at yarn in a new way. If you have a colorful Westknits project you would like to begin, there will be time to cast on a new project in the last hour of class. Recommended projects: Penguono, Marled Magic Shawl, Marled Magic Sweater, Dotted Rays, Parachutey, Chevron Shenanigans, Marled Fade Triangle, Vertices Unite, or any other favorite Westknits design that uses several colors striped or marled together.
Skill Level: All Skill levels welcome!
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Materials: Bring an array of colorful scrap yarn (10 colors or more) for swatching (all kinds of yarn weights and fibers) and a few different needle sizes. Mohair and textural fibers are encouraged for exploring marled color techniques.


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