Sandnes Garn 24_1 Sunny Slipover

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24_01 Sunny Slipover, English

Crocheted slipover from Tykk Line yarn. paper copy in English.

First, 9 small squares are crocheted which are sewn together to form a front piece, sc is crocheted back and forth over the top edge to the shoulders. Furthermore, crochet 1 large square for a back piece, crochet sc back and forth over the top edge to the shoulders. The shoulders are sewn together and a neckline is crocheted. Finally, a border is crocheted on each side before a cord is crocheted for tying.

Crochet hook size: 6 mm

The thread flow is calculated according to the dimensions given in the instructions. If you want the piece to be longer, remember that you may need more yarn.

Tykk Line: Blossom 4213/Lemon 9004 8 9 10


The sizes in the table are only indicative and it is recommended to take the measurements of the person wearing the garment and compare them with the measurements in the table. The stated dimensions are based on the knitting density given in the instructions.

Front piece width 37   43   49  
Width of the back piece 37   43   49  
Full length 41   48   54