Dyeing Naturally, English

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Dyeing Naturally


Dyeing Naturally – Emma Kylmälä

Step into the world of natural dyeing: colour yarns for knitting projects, give a new life to home textiles or make inks from botanicals to enjoy a spectrum of seasonal shades. Gather the summer harvest and wrap yourself in plant-based hues! Learn the basics of natural dyeing and discover an array of colourful ways to use different plants. Get inspired to create lasting colours while respecting the environment and the natural world.

Emma Kylmälä, a Finnish natural dyer living in London, cultivates dye plants in her small city garden. She gathers dyeing materials from her urban surroundings and from the Finnish countryside during the summers.

Text and instructions: Emma Kylmälä
(Pattern on p. 124 by Sari Nordlund)
Editing: Rebecca Watson
Tech editing for knitting patterns: Heli Rajavaara
Photography: Viola Minerva Virtamo, Taikatuuli Elorinne, Emma Kylmälä
Layout design: Viola Minerva Virtamo

Language: English