52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II

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Fun to knit, quick to make and always necessary - no wonder socks are a favorite
project of many knitters! The latest volume of the popular book series offers more inspiration for socks lovers.
52 x woolen socks, part 2 is a colourful, inspiring and rich work with sock patterns
from international designers. The level of the instructions varies from easy to
challenging, and they make use of various knitting techniques. The visually striking work is a continuation of the hit books 52 x woolen socks.

  • Hardcover, cloth cover

  • 256 pages 52 knitting instructions The instructions in the book are serialized in three sizes: approximately 34–37, 38–40 and 41–44

  • Reading tape

  • Language: English (also available in Finnish as 52 x villasukat, osa II

  • Weight: About 1150 g

  • Dimensions: 215 x

  • 278 x 26 mm Printed in Latvia

  • The book's pre-sale starts: 13.2.

  • The cover will be published: 13.2.

  • 10.3. Publication date: 31.3.2023.